About Us


We strive to offer you a second to none Tours & Rentals Scooter Service by offering top quality scooters and a matchless Guest Service, so that you can enjoy Lisbon and its great surroundings in a unique and effortless way.  

After more than 15 years providing Bike Rentals throughout Portugal & Spain and to fulfill many of our Guests requests we are now offering Scooter Rentals, mostly because e-bicycles are not very effective on hilly terrain and do not solve the issues some have with climbing hills. While allowing hilltops, longer distances and further explorations you will still have plenty fun!

We selected Scooter models that allow a very civilized experience with progressive acceleration, responsive brakes, little noise, no smells, very forgiving so you can easily adapt, feel safe and enjoy your scooting experience.

Our Scooters are a great option not only for scooter lovers, but for all who enjoy the independence of exploring on their own and visiting what interests them the most, including hilltops at no effort!

Still, to ensure that you will enjoy your Scooter ride, you should have previous experience with driving Scooters or at least be a safe driver, coordinated and feel comfortable riding with traffic. Even-though we can give you some riding scooting tips, we are not licensed to provide Driving Lessons.      

Our Scooters & Equipment are up to the international standards and are regularly checked and serviced.