Yes if you are under 25.

According to Portuguese law, anyone aged 25 or older, with a valid Car Driving License is allowed to drive Our 125cc Scooter. Nevertheless you should have previous experience in riding scooters.

It is always better to have a Valid International Driver’s License,

But for most people there is no requirement to have an International Driver’s License, you will just need to have a Valid Driver’s License from your country.

No, we are not certified to provide Scooter Driving Lessons.

Yes, but rider and/or driver will be charged an extra fee. Please take a look at our Prices and Inclusions.

When riding a motorcycle Helmet use (buckled on) is compulsory by the Portuguese Law

No, just use your common sense and you can drive for as much as you wish too, as long as you bring it back during the rental agreed time.

Please have in mind the more you ride the tired you get, you may loose focus.

You need to let us know this in advance, the sooner, the better, you may call or email.

Additional charges will apply.

You can only ride on Paved National Roads and all types of roads including highways.

With exception for the occasional hard packed parking lot or beach access our Scooters are not suitable for off-road riding, which can easily be noticed. Penalty charges may apply.

While using the Scooter you will have to pay tolls when necessary.

You may need to first get a ticket as you enter the toll road and have change or Debit/Credit card available for automatic payment.

We accept Visa and Mastercard

Due to high demand of Scooters, we strongly advise our Guests to get an Advance Reservation with us, so that we can guarantee Scooter availability and avoid disappointments.

We are fully licensed and insured for our activity according to the Portuguese Law.

Our Insurance policy covers mandatory third part liability only.

In case of accident or Scooter theft you should notify us immediately, contact the Police and get an Official Report with a detailed description of what happened.

You should contact us immediately, nevertheless it is your responsibility to stay alert for signs of problems, stop and inform us when appropriate en before things develop into worse condition.

While using a Scooter you are liable to comply with the Portuguese Traffic Code.

Any Parking & Traffic violation resulting in Tickets/Fines will be charged to your Credit Card.

Upon request Authorities will be notified of driver details at the time of penalty.

You should always have an adequate Travel and Health insurance.

Please make sure it covers your Personal Accidents in case of accident while riding a scooter.Bottom of Form